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Nomad Memory & Pointers

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#include "libraries/NomadMemory.au3"
$doswiadczenie_posiadane=_MemoryRead("0x9C3D5C", $process_handle) ; <-- This one is OK
    $nazwa_gracza=_MemoryRead("0x9B9BBC", $process_handle,"CHAR[16]") ; <-- This also
Global $offset2[3],$result[2]
$result=_MemoryPointerRead (0x9B8364,$process_handle,$offset2) ;<--I dint used any offset, just want to see what adress my pointer 'points' on to, but didnt get the correct result anyway (tried to use some offsets too)
if (@error<>0) then MsgBox(0,"",@error)

My result:

Posted Image

CheatEngine result:

Posted Image

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