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StringInStr( any integer )

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I hope that I havent overlooked any information about this, Ive looked at the help and searched for it on google.

Anyway Im making a very important script to sort my downloadsfolder into a fine archive. But I got stuck...

I want to sort out if a file is a TV-show and not a movie so i thought that I could search for anything like ex. s1e12 (season 1 episode 12) in the filename. The code I was trying to use was:

;Search for >"s" & Integer & "e" & Integer< in filename
StringInStr($FileName, "s" & Int & "e" & Int)

But it didnt work, so i guess that I'll have to use something else to find any integer. Suggestions?

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You'll have to use reqular expressions :x

StringRegExp($sFile, "s\d+e\d+")

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