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Individual Tab Sizing?

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I've been looking around, and I hope I'm not duplicating any threads, but I didn't see any that directly address the question of:

"Can you manually size each tabitem's width/height in a GUI so that you can customize how it fits into multiple rows".

I've managed to resize tabitems as a whole for a whole tab, but haven't been able to do the same for individual items in a tab.

The problem is that a couple of tabs require more space and I want them grouped together on a seperate line in the multiline tab, but I end up either creating more lines of tabs or making some of the items too small for my larger tab labels.

Thanks for reading!


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Hmmmm.... well, if that's the case then what about the possibility of setting which items go to what row so I can tell some tab items to always be grouped together?



If you have tabs that go together, consider making a single tab, then putting a second tab strip into that tab's container, so it acts like a child tab. I hope that makes sense.
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