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problem with InetGetInfo error level

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I'm making a script to download and install a users database for Saleslogix.

it's working just fine but want to add a error msgbox when it does not work.

Because the DB's are user specific they are named with there domain names.

;sample script.
$User = @Username
InetGetInfo("http://downloadsite/SLX_" & $User & "_dat.sxd")
If @error < 0 Then msgbox(0, "title" , "text") ;call a working func in the full version
; continue through the script.

Can not seem to find the right @error level, the help file says "Failure - An empty string and @error is set to non-zero" Just wanted to keep it simple, check for that users file if not found msgbox the error and exit, or if it is download and install.

Anyone have a suggestions or a better way of accomplishing this?

I would be very great full.


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Why did you use InetGetInfo()? Did you mean to just download the file with InetGet()?


I just want to check if the file exists or if they are not connected to the internet.

Because if they run the script and don't meet either of these requirements the script will hang.

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Well there are other ways I'm sure, how much better I'm not sure, but here's an example quoted from the Help file, for the Ping function.

$var = Ping("www.AutoItScript.com",250)
If $var Then; also possible:  If  @error = 0 Then ...
    Msgbox(0,"Status","Online, roundtrip was:" & $var)
    Msgbox(0,"Status","An error occured with number: " & @error)

- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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