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Trouble with TimerDiff inside an Array

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I'm not sure if this is doable or not but what i'm trying to do is create a countdown timer for multiple timers to then run a 'reset' function.

#include <Timers.au3>

Global $rounds
Global $A, $C
Global $Timer_Count[10]
Global $Timer_I[10]

$rounds = Inputbox("Number of rounds", "How many")

For $A = 1 To $rounds
    $Timer_Count[$A] = Inputbox("Question" & $A, "How many seconds" & $A & "?") * 1000


Func _SetTimers($countT)
    Local $nTime
    $Timer_I[$countT] = _Timer_Init()
    ;Msgbox(4,"Called Timer " & $countT, "This Timer was started " & $Timer_I[$countT])

Func _AllTimers()

 Local $AT_gTimer, $AT_dTimer, $AT_sTimer
For $C = 1 To $rounds
$AT_dTimer = _Timer_Diff($Timer_I($C))
$AT_gTimer = $Timer_Count[$C] 

If $ATdTimer >= $AT_gTimer Then MsgBox(0,"TIME TO BUILD AGAIN!", "YOUR ALMOST THERE" & $C " Timer is up")



While 1 

Right now its creating a Error setting the Timer Diff of the Array.

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you have tupo in there

$AT_dTimer = _Timer_Diff($Timer_I($C))
;change to
$AT_dTimer = _Timer_Diff($Timer_I[$C])

did not tested rest of code, to answer your question, its doable.

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... for multiple timers ...

straysweeper, you seem to have the wrong idea about timers.

So just to be sure. _Timer_Diff(), or TimerDiff() for that matter, just return the current cpu-tick value.

There not creating some special timer objects. -> as in something that has to be created separably if you like to have more of them.

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