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application switces ???

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hello everybody

can anyone tell me how to detect application switches by autoit , please ?????

coz I need it so much and searched a lot but I didn't find any good result

for example : adobe flash player has a switch : /install , /uninstall

and I found that hardly

so I need you help please


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AutoIt has a built in way in the form of $CmdLine and $CmdLineRaw, but these can get a bit cumbersome when you have multiple switches with options. To make it easier (mostly just for myself) I wrote a 2 function wrapper If you want to use a slash as the symbol then you'll need to explicitly call the Parse function:


But after that you can get whether a parameter is set by using:

If CmdLine("install") Then
    ; Install
ElseIf CmdLine("uninstall") then
    ; Uninstall

If you are only going to have a couple of switches then you are better off with a Switch inside a loop though.


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