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Speech Recognition Problem

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i was just playing with microsoft speech recognition library....here is my code...!

if @error then
    Msgbox(0,"","Error opening the 'SAPI.SpSharedRecoContext' object. Error number: " & hex(@error,8))

MsgBox(0,'','now speak')

Func event_Recognition($1,$2,$3,$4)

While 1

there are only three word that it recognises--Piyush,Play Music,Play Game

as i speak in the microphone..it recognises for almost the sleep time..ie 10 sec...after that it stops recognition..i don't what is happening..i think it is due to the while loop after 10 secs the loop continues and recogntion stops!!

please help me out

[font="Comic Sans MS"][size="7"]Piyush.....[/size][/font][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="2"]Some Of My Scripts...Cool Font Generator Train Searcher and Tracer[/size][/font]

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