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Creating An Instant Messenger

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Hello fellow coders of AutoIT. I am extremely new to this concept of "networking". And I couldn't really seem to find anything helpful on the forums about what I am trying to do (it was mostly just people getting flamed for asking a question similar to mine). I am trying to make an Instant Messenger. I'll probably want to sit down one day and create a fancy GUI for it, but right now I just want to get the networking part down. Msgbox's would be a perfectly could substitute for now. But now how do I do this networking part? I have created two scripts, a server and a client, that must both be run for it to work. I was hoping to consolidate these into one. But the biggest problem I have with AutoIT is the lack on multitasking. Here are those two scripts:


#include <misc.au3>

func IM()
$input = InputBox("The IM", "Your message please")


$TCPconnect = TCPConnect(@IPAddress1, 403)

if $TCPconnect = -1 then Exit

TCPSend($TCPconnect, $input)

$exit = 1

while $exit < 3
    if _IsPressed("45") then $exit = 4

And the Server:

#include <misc.au3>

func Server()

$TCPListen = TCPListen(@IPAddress1, 403)
    $TCPAccept = TCPAccept($TCPListen)
Until $TCPAccept <> -1

    $TCPRecv = TCPRecv($TCPAccept, 1000)
until $TCPRecv <> ""
MsgBox(0,"The Message", $TCPRecv)

$ExitSer = 1

while $ExitSer < 3
    if _IsPressed("45") then $ExitSer = 4

Please help me out with this, it will be greatly appreciated :x

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