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Compare Two Excel Cells

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I am new to autoit and script writing so any help would be appreciated. (Have not programed anything in 15 years)

I have written a code that takes visual data and places it into excel, then makes the data uniform (font, color, etc..) however i am unable to take the excel data and compare it to the other data in excel while the sheet is open.

In Excel:

A1 is " Hello"

A2 is " Hello"

I am unable to get the cell A1 text into a $var1 form and the same for A2.

Once I am able to get $var1 and $var2 I am good.

now i need to compare a1 and a2 to see if they are the same while the excel sheet is open and not closed. Thanks in advance.

My system: Windows 7 Office 2007.

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#Include <Excel.au3>
$excel_object = _ExcelBookOpen("PATH")
$A1 = _ExcelReadCell($excel_object, 1,1)
$A2 = _ExcelReadCell ($excel_object,1,2)
if($A1 == $A2) Then
; They are equal

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