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Outlook mail move breaks for loop

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Hi guys,

I'm experiencing a weird thing here...

if i run this code:

$Outlook = ObjCreate('Outlook.Application')
    $namespace = $Outlook.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    $folder = $namespace.Folders("Foldername")
    $inbox = $folder.Folders("Inbox")
    $moveto = $inbox.Folders("Processed")
    ConsoleWrite("Mail Count: " & $inbox.Items.Count & @CRLF)
    For $item In $inbox.Items
        ConsoleWrite("-> " & $item.Subject & @CRLF)
        If Not @error Then
            ConsoleWrite("File Processed. " & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & @CRLF)

The code seems to stop after 2 mails, even though there are more in there.

I have to keep recalling that function to do two mails at a time.

Now I've found one method to make it do all mails in just one time, but it means I have to comment the $item.Move($moveto) line.

Has anyone of you encountered this before and/or knows a fix?

Thanks in advance

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i wonder if the move is causing your handle to the item list index to get corrupted.

To test, you may wish to modify the function to be called from a loop, and get the collection / first message only per function call.

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