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Need to exit a function (dont know where to put return)

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For $i = 0 to UBound($data)-1
    $varaction = $data[$i][6]       
        Case $varaction = "new hire"
        Case $varaction = "termination"
            msgbox(0, '', "user is leaving")    
        Case Else
            ; error

Func _CreateNewUser()
; Check first to see if user already exists
$getattribute = _AD_GetObjectAttribute($username, "sAMAccountName")
$doesexist = _AD_ObjectExists($username, "sAMAccountName")
If $doesexist = 1 Then
ElseIf @error = 1 Then
    ; do nothing and continue)
    ; dont know what to do

; Create new user
Global $createnewuser = _AD_CreateUser($ou, $username, $firstname & " " & $lastname)
If $createnewuser = 1 Then
    ; success
ElseIf @error = 1 Then
    ; user already exists
ElseIf @error = 2 Then
    ; OU does not exist
ElseIf @error = 3 Then
    ; common name is missing
ElseIf @error = 4 Then
    ; username is missing
    ; dont know what to do
EndFunc ;==> _CreateNewUser()

I need to exit the function _CreateNewUser() if the user already exists, but continue is the user doesn't exist. the problem is that _CreateNewUser() is a function that is inside a loop at the top. that loop calls a series of functions. I don't want to exit the script completely because the loop still needs to run through the other users in my excel sheet. How would I exit the function and move onto other functions in the loop without exiting the script entirely?

I've searched and seen people use return. But everytime I try and mess around with I get a Scite error saying "Invalid keyword at the start of this line"

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nm. :x

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I figured it out. What I did was create a new function that tests the condition, then assigns a value to a var. Then in the case statement I have a If Then Else to either quit the loop or move on to the other functions. Works great. I'll post the code tomorrow for anyone that stumbles across this thread.

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