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Need help with reading remote file and compare

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I got hwid's stored in a txt file on a remote server as a string.

ex.  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

1 hwid on each line of the txt file.

I want to compare the hwid from the current user with the remote textfile.

But This is where it fails. the var $sInetRead is empty so I can't compare them.

Suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance.

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <string.au3>

HotKeySet("{F7}", "On_Exit")
HotKeySet("{Numpad3}", "Combo3")
HotKeySet("{Numpad6}", "Combo6")
HotKeySet("{Numpad9}", "Combo9")
HotKeySet("{Numpad0}", "Combo10")

Dim $original

; Get HWID

$osdrive = StringLeft(@SystemDir, 3)
$original = "0" & @CPUArch & @KBLayout & DriveGetSerial("C:\") & StringUpper(DriveGetType($osdrive)) & DriveSpaceTotal($osdrive)
$string2 = StringMid($original, Round(StringLen($original) / 2), Round(StringLen($original) / 2))
$string2_mod = _StringToHex(_StringReverse($string2))
$original = _StringEncrypt(1, $original, $string2_mod, 4)
;~ Return $original

;Compare HWIDS with DB
$hwid =$original
$sLoginText = "http://www.enhancedmmo.com/dcuo/hwids/hwid.txt"
$sInetRead = BinaryToString(InetRead($sLoginText, 1))
$iChecking = StringRegExp($sInetRead, $hwid)
MsgBox(1024, "", InetRead($sLoginText, 1))
If $iChecking = 0 Then
    MsgBox(16, "Sorry but...", "Your HWID does not match our Database! Contact Distiny.")
;If user matches then continue...

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it gives me error 13

That is what I received. You are trying to read the text file "hwid.txt" supposedly on the server "http://www.enhancedmmo.com/dcuo/hwids"..I went through the trouble of registering, and after supplying my login credentials in the script (which rarely works anymore), I could not find that file. In short, you are trying to read a file that does not exist. What exactly are you trying to do?

EDIT: As a tutorial, change the InetRead target to "http://www.google.com/index.html" and you will get the results that are expected from that function.

Edited by Varian

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