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Converting 'C' to AutoIT

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This code will send a Skype SMS's provided that you are running Skype Version

;// Create a Skype4COM object:
$oSkype = ObjCreate("Skype4COM.Skype")
$oSkypeEvent = ObjEvent($oSkype, "Skype_")
$oError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "MyErrFunc")

;// Start the Skype client:
If Not $oSkype.Client.IsRunning Then

;// Verify that a user is signed in and online before continuing
While 1
 If $oSkype.CurrentUserStatus = $oSkype.Convert.TextToUserStatus("ONLINE") Then

;// The AttachmentStatus event handler monitors attachment status and returns the Skypename of the user when the status is "success":
Func Skype_AttachmentStatus($aStatus)
 MsgBox(0, "", "Attachment status " & $oSkype.Convert.AttachmentStatusToText($aStatus))
 If $aStatus = $oSkype.Convert.TextToAttachmentStatus("AVAILABLE") Then
 If $aStatus = $oSkype.Convert.TextToAttachmentStatus("SUCCESS") Then
  MsgBox(0, "", "Current user is " & $oSkype.CurrentUserHandle)
EndFunc   ;==>Skype_AttachmentStatus

Func _SendSMS()
  Local $MyMobileNumber = "+61401523364";
  Local $MyMessageText = "This is a test SMS";
  $oSms = $oSkype.SendSms($MyMobileNumber, $MyMessageText, "")
EndFunc   ;==>_SendSMS

Func MyErrFunc()
 ;Do Nothing
EndFunc   ;==>MyErrFunc


In Skype Version 5.n the reply to number which is attribute 3 in $oSkype.SendSMS is no longer supported and fails when its being composed by Skype even if this attribute is set to null or omitted as per this example:

$oSms = $oSkype.SendSms($MyMobileNumber, $MyMessageText)

As a matter of interest both examples work in Skype Version

I have been informed that the work around for Skype version 5.nn is not to use $oSkype.SendSms to send an SMS rather the following code which is written in'C'

; / / Change this telephone number To a vaild one
String MySmsNumber = "+16515551212";
String MySMStext = "This is a test message";
ISmsMessage ismsmessage = skype.CreateSms(TSmsMessageType.smsMessageTypeOutgoing, MySmsNumber);
ismsmessage.Body = MySMStext;

Unfortunately I have no experience with 'C' and was hoping that an AutoIT subscriber could help me by converting the code so that it will run when calling Func _SendSMS()

Replies are always appreciated Ant.. :)

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Really it's c++ and you'll need to find out more about TSmsMessageType to proceed, I think.

According to the Skype4Com Documentation

enum TSmsMessageType {

smsMessageTypeUnknown = -1, smsMessageTypeIncoming = 0, smsMessageTypeOutgoing = 1, smsMessageTypeCCRequest = 2,

smsMessageTypeCCSubmit = 3


I hope that is helpful


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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

No guarantees because I'm hacking away blindly but give this a shot.

Enum $smsMessageTypeUnknown = -1, $smsMessageTypeIncoming, $smsMessageTypeOutgoing, $smsMessageTypeCCRequest, $smsMessageTypeCCSubmit

Func _SendSMS()
    Local $MyMobileNumber = "+61401523364" ; Change this telephone number To a vaild one
    Local $MyMessageText = "This is a test SMS"
    Local $ismsmessage = $oSkype.CreateSms($smsMessageTypeOutgoing, $MyMobileNumber)
    $ismsmessage.Body = $MyMessageText
EndFunc   ;==>_SendSMS
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#5 ·  Posted (edited)

Absolutely brilliant worked exactly as required in Skype version now for the moment of truth does it work in Skype version 5.nn give me 10 mins and I will let you know


Edit: I just downloaded Skype Version and your code converted from c++ works perfectly in both version and I have been working on trying to find a solution to this issue Skype 5.nn issue since November last and to tell you the truth it has been a bit frustrating. The fact that you have been able to help with converting the c++ to AutoIT is not only terrific help to me but my guess to all other AutoIT subscribers that have been working with the Skype API 'Skype4Com' Thank you again - YHS Ant. Posted Image.

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