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split value over array indices

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Hi everyone

I have an array that grows and reduces, thats not the problem it works fine, however evey now and then I need to add/distribute a value across all indices if needed, heres the code I am trying to get working

$value = 5
$i = 0
While $i < $value
    $j = UBound($array)-1
    $array[$j-$i] = $array[$j-$i]+1
    If $i = UBound($array) Then
        $i = 0
        $i = $i+1

So for example my array could be [1,1,2,2] and I want to add 5 to it so it would be [2,2,3,4] I want the count to start at the last indice. The above codes works most of the time but I get the badly formatted error and cant work out why, any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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I'd do it like this, as long as $iValue is always an int. (Otherwhise you might want to check if it's higher than 0.)

#include <array.au3>

Global $aArray[4]=[1,1,1,1]
Global $iValue = 7

While 1 ;Make the For loop start at the end again of it reaches the start of the array and there is still a value in $iValue.
    For $i = UBound($aArray)-1 To 0 Step -1 ;loop through the error from the last index to the first.
        $aArray[$i] += 1 ;increase array index
        $iValue -= 1 ;decrease distributable value
        If Not $iValue Then ExitLoop 2 ;exit the for AND While loops if $iValue has been distributed.


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Try this:

#include <Array.au3>
Dim $array[4]=[1, 1, 2, 2]
$u = UBound($array) - 1

$value = 5

$i = $u
While $value > 0
    $array[$i] += 1
    $value -= 1
    $i -= 1
    If $i < 0 Then $i = $u




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Interesting problem (not to mention the solutions). The distribution pattern is serial and weight is constant. What would you expect as a result given the following:

a = [2,2,2]

v = 20

If you don't mind my asking, what is the application for this?


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