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How to do block move of all files in a folder?

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I'm new to AutoTI, coming from a VB Script background. In VBS there is a function to move every object in a folder, and it will loop until all objects, ie files, hae been moved, without explicitly knowing any file names. I cannot find a similar functionin AutoIT. Do I have to load all the file names into an array, then loop through the array to get the file name then move the named file?


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$SourceFolder = "YourSourceFolder"
$DestinationFolder = "YourDestinationFolder"

    FileMove($SourceFolder & "\*.*", $DestinationFolder & "\")
Until FileFindFirstFile($SourceFolder & "\*.*") = -1

Edited Until line because my solution did not work at first

Edited by Varian

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