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Connect to Mikrotik Router

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Is there anyway to connect to Mikrotik Router using AutoIT? What I want to do is connect to the mikrotik router and release the ip address. Usually I do this manually through WinBox, but I would like to automate it using AutoIT.

Thanks in advance.


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i connected... start

$user = "root"
$password ="xxxxxxxx"
$host =""
$port ="22"

$puty_exe = @ScriptDir & "\putty.exe"; putty salve local folder script

; putty -ssh -l usuario p "port" -pw senha


$command = RunWait(@comspec & " /C "&$puty_exe&" -ssh -l "&$user&" "&$host&" p "&$port&" -pw "&$password,@SystemDir, @SW_HIDE, 1)

While 1
$data = StdoutRead($command)
If @error Then ExitLoop
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