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Open Zip see files choose to delete

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So my 1 TB just crashed running recovery's on it and all of the files I use to keep where in .zip or .rar. I would like to Open the .zip/.rar file see contains and choose to delete or keep. All files are file1.zip, file12.zip, file113.zip all the way up to file112986.zip and same goes for .rar file1.rar-file16450.rar.

Double clicking each one is becoming annoying. Also would like to have option to change file name which is easy once I see contains, FileMove().

I have no time at the moment cause I am trying to sort through tons of data so any help would be apperciated (I havn't put any time into scripting this at all)


So far made this to get started should work fine.

For $i = 1 To 112986
    Run(@ComSpec & ' /k "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" l "C:\Users\Rogue\Desktop\New folder\ZIP file\file'&$i&'.zip"')
    $Msg = MsgBox(4, "Recovery", "Keep?")
    If $Msg = 7 Then
        FileDelete("C:\Users\Rogue\Desktop\New folder\ZIP file\file"&$i&".zip")
    ElseIf $Msg = 6 Then
        $NewName = InputBox("New Name", "Enter new Name", ".zip")
        FileMove("C:\Users\Rogue\Desktop\New folder\ZIP file\file"&$i&".zip", "C:\Users\Rogue\Desktop\Keep\"&$NewName)
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