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Hi all

First of all let me apologize if my english is not as good as I would like. I'm french and I try to do my best (with Google Translate assistance) but...

This script is neither a function nor a UDF. It's kind of plugin for SciTE which aims to offset a weak in AutoIt.

You know all (or almost) FileInstall function ?

This one has some limitations that can be pretty painful:

- A single file at a time

- The destination directory must exist

- The source "must be a literal string; it cannot be a variable or the result of a function call"

Personally, I find it very uncomfortable as I use it daily for apps for which I have to build a silent install. Imagine the pain when I have to add 100 or 150 files and that I have to type all the filepaths by hand.

Now therefore, I decided once and for all to stop typing paths and create DirInstall.

Its use is very simple: Either you use the scritp interpreted and you get what it generates in the console, or you use it as a 'plugin' in scite.

For the latter approach, it is enough to compile and run the Exe obtained once, then the plugin is installed in SciTE tools menu. It is accessed either through a shortcut (CTRL + ALT + i) by clicking on tools / DirInstall (it is just below Koda).

Using this plugin is simple:

Choose the source folder (the button with 3 dots)

Then choose the directory destination (the 2nd button with the 3 points)

You can choose not to take certain elements from the source by unchecking.

And then click OK

And you end up with a pretty scritpt AutoIt code in the current scritp with dircreate to create destination directories, and fileinstall list.

Tell me if it needs improvement.

The attached zip includes the compiled EXE, sources, and resources.

EDIT : zip now includes UDF resources.au3

EDIT2 : New release (v3)


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Hi JohnOne

Thank you for spending time in having a look to my tool.

Sorry for the resource.au3 file, as it is a well known UDF I didn't thought it was ncessary to place it in the zip. Anyway, I updated the zip, and now everytning should be OK.

Regarding FileInstall Directory Helper from SmOke_N I didn't know this tool. If I did, I probably wouldn't have scripted DirInstall, as both script are quite similar (but of course, mine is far better :) )

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Just a little update, it seems plugin install/update was a little buggy on 7 OS.

@Mat : fileinstalling an archive and then expanding it is a good workaround, but if there is a change, you have to rebuild the archive and recompile the script.

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I had a project where I was taking old games and updating the installer to work on 64 bit OS. It became such a pain to type out every file (hundreds) that I wrote a script where I just put the location where the files were and the script would write out the file install code for all the files and directories in the location :)

Now if only I can find that script again...



My Android cat and mouse game

We're gonna need another Timmy!

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New version (v3)

Changes :

- Some cosmetics

- Progressbar can be included in the code provided by DirInstall (just check the appropriate checkbox)

- compiled exe will be lighter than previous version due to some improvement in source code.

Usage is the same, compile the source, close SciTe, run the exe, then now when you are back in SciTe type [CTRL][ALT], or click on Tools/DirInstall v3

All coments are welcome.


Edited by zeshrek

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Cant get it to work ... I see no options like that in the tools menu :)

edit : ok now i find it ... But .. errr where is the generated code ? :)

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