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I want to create a Persian typing program that will let Persian users to type in Persian in all Adobe products. I already know the concept and I've already written it using Flash (using an older concept). But Flash is VERY limited and I want to rewrite the whole thing using AutoIt with this new concept.

This can also be used to help any RTL languages (Persian, Arabic, Hebrew) to easily type in Adobe products (then they can get the vector and import it to 3D packages and so on).

Here is a VERY simple but working sample of the concept:


As you might know Persian is a Unicode language and the characters will stick to characters before and after therefore changing the whole shape of the character. When you paste that into Photoshop, it will show the characters LTR instead of RTL and change the stickable character to none stickable.

What that website does is to get the exact char code of the stickable characters (if it is sticked) and then reverse them with remembering the char codes...

I already some of the parts and I'm getting the char codes for every character.

Anybody interested helping me in making a program like this?

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.rotaerc txet tfel ot thgir a etaerc ot ysae ylriaf si ti neht hgih oot snoitatcepxe ruoy tes t'nod uoy fI

Although this is probably troublesome in Photoshop. Toggle on/off?

Opt("SendCapslockMode", 0)

HotKeySet("{backspace}", "_DelInstead")

While 1

Func _DelInstead()

GIMP supports right-to-left text by the way, and it's completely free.

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