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can't click ok using ControlClick

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I'm doing a testing on an application and i'm stuck. After logging into the application, a value will be chosen from a combobox. After which, a confirmation window will pop-up. The problem is, the it does not focus on the pop-up window hence, could not click the "OK" Button.

Here's my codes:

ControlClick("Software","","[ID:63]") ;click on the button to enable dropdown
ControlCommand ( "Software", "", "[ID:66]", "ShowDropDown","" ) ;dropdown and show values
ControlCommand ( "Software", "", "[ID:66]", "SelectString","1" ) ;choose 1 from the dropdown

WinWaitActive("Confirmation") ;focus on Confirmation window
ControlClick("Confirmation", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1; TEXT:OK]") ;click ok from confirmation window

I have checked the information of the button from "AutoIt Window Info" and everything seems to be correct. I've tried using Send("{ENTER"}), still can't solve it.

Any suggestion ?

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Have you tried removing the "; TEXT:OK" from the ControlClick line? I would not use INSTANCE and TEXT together...just use one or the other. The only time that I use the "TEXT" field is when there are multiple buttons in the same Class and either the instance changes or it's more logical to use the text of the button.

I would think that it is rare to impossible for there to be more than 1 instance of the same button class, unless it's Java or some strange window.

Also, you may try ControlSend instead of Send. I would try sending the key(s) to the window without a Control specified. You may also want to send {SPACE} or check for Hotkeys (like Alt-O or Alt-K or Alt-N)

Lastly, it's not a bad idea to try and get a Handle for the button before the button is clicked. A loop like

WinWait("Confirmation", "")
    Local $hCtrl = ControlGethandle("Confirmation", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]")
Until $hCtrl
ControlClick("Confirmation", "", $hCtrl)
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Thanks for the reply!

I removed TEXT as what u mentioned. And I used Send to enter the parameters and it worked. I realized the problem was due to the Confirmation window because the Control parameters are not defined hence, it does not get active by WinWaitActive.

This is my final codes:

ControlClick("Software","","[ID:63]") ;click on attn button
ControlCommand ( "Software", "", "[ID:66]", "ShowDropDown","" )
[color="#008000"]Send("1")[/color] ;select 1
[color="#008000"]Send("{DOWN}") [/color];Down arrow to Enter
ControlClick("Confirmation", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1;]")  ;click ok

Thanks again :)

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