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Random String Generator?

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wow - 300+ posts and you're asking for a random string generator?

Did you make all these posts in the Chat forum?

Really, I would expect from somebody being around for such a long time to have the basic knowledge to do such a thing - because this is a basic script.

SNMP_UDF ... for SNMPv1 and v2c so far, GetBulk and a new example script

wannabe "Unbeatable" Tic-Tac-Toe

Paper-Scissor-Rock ... try to beat it anyway :)

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Try this:

$pwd = ""
Dim $aSpace[3]
$digits = 15
For $i = 1 To $digits
    $aSpace[0] = Chr(Random(65, 90, 1)) ;A-Z
    $aSpace[1] = Chr(Random(97, 122, 1)) ;a-z
    $aSpace[2] = Chr(Random(48, 57, 1)) ;0-9
    $pwd &= $aSpace[Random(0, 2, 1)]
ConsoleWrite("Your password (" & $digits & " digits): " & $pwd & @CRLF)
MsgBox(0, "Password Generator", "Your password (" & $digits & " digits): " & $pwd)



Please don't send me any personal message and ask for support! I will not reply!

Selection of finest graphical examples at Codepen.io

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