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Zip.au3 cant be opened?

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Hi, first off im chernobyl360. ive had a great fascination with coding in java. but i found autoit easier.

so i helped a guy by the name of Malface test and program a *addon* for Bukkit Called Craftsave. But hes up and gone on me . he left me the source to the program. His Source has features to an unfinished version of Craftsave which ive never seen. And I have no clue how to Decompile the current version one that runs.



With his New UnSeen Version he left, Im getting a few errors of course but more specifically this

>C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\..\au3check.exe "C:\Users\William\Desktop\Craftsave.au3"
AutoIt3 Syntax Checker v1.54.8  Copyright (c) Tylo 2007

C:\Users\William\Desktop\Craftsave.au3(11,10) : ERROR: can't open include file <zip.au3>
#include <zip.au3>
C:\Users\William\Desktop\Craftsave.au3(311,24) : ERROR: _Zip_Create(): undefined function.
        _Zip_Create ($zipfile)
C:\Users\William\Desktop\Craftsave.au3(315,40) : ERROR: _Zip_AddFolder(): undefined function.
            _Zip_AddFolder ($zipfile, $folder, 0)
C:\Users\William\Desktop\Craftsave.au3 - 3 error(s), 0 warning(s)
>Exit code: 2    Time: 0.315

I Have No Clue what *zip* file its actually trying to open. this is completely and utterly mind boggling to try and figure out. well at least for a Amateur like me.

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Welcome chernobyl360, I haven't completed reading your post yet but here is a quick pointer:

De-compiling or even discussion of de-compiling applications whether it be your own, or not, whether it be coded in autoit or not, is strongly discouraged on this forum.

-Just a tip, better you hear it from me than some admin :)

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ERROR: can't open include file <zip.au3>

This means you must obtain the copy of Zip.au3 (a library of User Defined Functions), used by "Malface" and put it in your autoit include directory.

Subsequent errors are also caused by the absence of this file(Zip.au3), if you don't have a clue where to start looking for it (this file), try searching the forum, maybe "Malface" got it here.

EDIT: Added more explanation

Edited by smartee

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These errors are because AutoIt doesn't know the commands _Zip_Create() and _Zip_AddFolder()

Get this script,

and place the file in the same folder as the script you got.

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