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Selecting from a ListView

Guest patchman

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Guest patchman

Hi all,

I am very new to scripting with AutoIT and think its the best scripting language i've ever used.

Anyway, i have a problem, i am creating an automated install script for a program we are installing in our office.

Halfway through the install, you can select a couple of programs to install from a List.

I have 'selected the product i want to install from the list, but it does not show as being selected (gets hilighted in blue).

Code is as follows...

;Select System Management Display and SafeView and then click Install Package
WinWaitActive("Software Installation - Package Selection")
ControlCommand("Software Installation - Package Selection", "", "ListBox1", "SelectString", "SafeView")

Can someone please help? Because it isn't hilighted, the button that says install is still greyed out. I tried enabling the button but the installer detects that nothing is selected.


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Try the following

Global Const $LB_SETSEL = 0x0185

$h_listbox = ControlGetHandle("Software Installation - Package Selection", "","ListBox1")
$i_ret = DllCall("user32.dll","int","SendMessage","hwnd",$h_listbox,"int",$LB_SETSEL,"int", 1, "int", $i_index)

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