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BMC Remedy search query control with com objects

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I have seen examples and the C reference library but I'm stuck. This function sends the variable ($Query) Remedy as a query. I've constructed it with three separate variable components: A,B,C since it includes both single and double quotes. In the future, I'll change this to read the contents of an entry box in my gui. The Field name I'm searching on is called "Emp ID+" and the search string is "e71366". If I output $Query to the clipboard, I can paste it into the advanced search box in Remedy and it works fine. The same entry when sent via com object just opens the search window and shows no results.

Any remedy experts care to share my pain?

Func BTN_OpenWKSTNSRSearch()
    $queryA = ("'Emp ID+'") ;Employee ID Field
    $queryB = ("=") ;Operator
    $queryC = ('"e71366"') ;Search String
    $Query = ($QueryA&$QueryB&$QueryC) ;Construct Remedy query from three separate variables defined above
    $oRemedy = ObjGet("", "Remedy.User.1") 
    $oRemedyForm = $oRemedy.OpenForm(0, "remedy", "Service Request", 2, True) ;Open Remedy search window
    $oSearchForm = $oRemedyForm.Query($query);Perform query within Remedy

I have omitted the error handling portion for brevity

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Damn, I thought I was the only unlucky person to have to suffer using Remedy 7. We only get the web interface, which is woahfully slow! I wish you luck on your script, and would be interested if it could actually help out and rename the tasks we get to something more human.


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