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AM / PM (2x 12hour) to 24hour conversion; is this correct?

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After a marathon of coding I've reached the point where I can't think straight anymore.

All i'm trying to do is to convert any hour from the AM / PM system to the 24hour system, and am wondering if I got the function below right or not.

$test = _convert_hour(12, "am")
msgbox(0, "test", $test)

Func _convert_hour($hour, $am_pm)
    $am_pm = StringLower($am_pm)
    If $am_pm = "am" And $hour = 12 Then return ($hour - 12)
    If $am_pm = "pm" And $hour >= 1 And $hour <= 11 Then return ($hour + 12)
    return ($hour)
EndFunc   ;==>_convert_hour

Thank you for your feedback.

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MsgBox(0,"", _TimeHrMin()) ; 24 to am/pm format
MsgBox(0,"", _TimeHrMin2()) ; am/pm format to 24
MsgBox(0,'', @HOUR & ":"& @MIN & ":"& @SEC & "...Format 24") ; 24 to 24 format

Func _TimeHrMin()
    $hr = @HOUR
    If $hr > 12 Then
        $hr = $hr -12
        $x = "PM"
        $x = "AM"
    $time = $hr & ":" & @MIN & " " & $x
Func _TimeHrMin2()
    $hr = @HOUR
    If $hr < 12 Then
        $x = "PM/AM"
    $time = $hr & ":" & @MIN & " " & $x
    Return ($time)
EndFunc ($time)

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Here another method:

Func Convert24h($time, $format) ;am/pm to 24h format by UEZ
    If $format = "am" Then Return Mod($time, 12)
    Return Mod($time + 12, 24)



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