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sometimes "Variable must be of type "Object"

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while running this script sometimes I get this error.

I think it has something to do with $cI_CompName = $host. But when I change this the script is not working.

I get the error after "_GUICtrlStatusBar_SetText($StatusBar1, "checking - servicetag " & $cI_CompName)"

the array seems to be oke (with array display)

Func _servicetag()
    Local $BIOS
    For $host In $aCompList
        $cI_CompName = $host
        Ping($cI_CompName, 20)
        If @error = 0 Then
            _GUICtrlStatusBar_SetText($StatusBar1, "checking - servicetag " & $cI_CompName)
            For $i = 1 To $System[0][0] Step 1
                If StringLeft($cI_CompName, 4) = "ws-a" Then
                    _ExcelSheetActivate($oExceluser, "admin")
                    _ExcelWriteCell($oExceluser, $BIOS[$i][16], StringTrimLeft($cI_CompName, 4), 3)
                    _ExcelSheetActivate($oExceluser, "cad")
                    _ExcelWriteCell($oExceluser, $BIOS[$i][16], StringTrimLeft($cI_CompName, 4), 3)
EndFunc   ;==>_servicetag

the exact error code:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include\CompInfo.au3 (1354) : ==> Variable must be of type "Object".:

$colItems = $objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_BIOS", "WQL", $wbemFlagReturnImmediately + $wbemFlagForwardOnly)

$colItems = $objWMIService^ ERROR

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Hi Jochem,

The code snipped you provided does not contain the line of code where your script failed.

From the error-message you can see that there is an issue with the object $objWMIService .

If you want us to help you'll need to show us that code snippet. :unsure:

Regards,Hannes[spoiler]If you can't convince them, confuse them![/spoiler]

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I use an UDF that i found here on the forum:


but this is the part of that script

Func _ComputerGetBIOS(ByRef $aBIOSInfo)
    Local $colItems, $objWMIService, $objItem
    Dim $aBIOSInfo[1][25], $i = 1
    $objWMIService = ObjGet("winmgmts:\\" & $cI_Compname & "\root\CIMV2")
    $colItems = $objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_BIOS", "WQL", $wbemFlagReturnImmediately + $wbemFlagForwardOnly)
    If IsObj($colItems) Then
        For $objItem In $colItems
            ReDim $aBIOSInfo[UBound($aBIOSInfo) + 1][25]
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][0]  = $objItem.Name
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][1]  = $objItem.Status
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][2]  = $objItem.BiosCharacteristics(0)
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][3]  = $objItem.BIOSVersion(0)
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][4]  = $objItem.Description
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][5]  = $objItem.BuildNumber
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][6]  = $objItem.CodeSet
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][7]  = $objItem.CurrentLanguage
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][8]  = $objItem.IdentificationCode
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][9]  = $objItem.InstallableLanguages
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][10] = $objItem.LanguageEdition
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][11] = $objItem.ListOfLanguages(0)
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][12] = $objItem.Manufacturer
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][13] = $objItem.OtherTargetOS
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][14] = $objItem.PrimaryBIOS
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][15] = __StringToDate($objItem.ReleaseDate)
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][16] = $objItem.SerialNumber
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][17] = $objItem.SMBIOSBIOSVersion
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][18] = $objItem.SMBIOSMajorVersion
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][19] = $objItem.SMBIOSMinorVersion
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][20] = $objItem.SMBIOSPresent
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][21] = $objItem.SoftwareElementID
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][22] = $objItem.SoftwareElementState
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][23] = $objItem.TargetOperatingSystem
            $aBIOSInfo[$i][24] = $objItem.Version
            $i += 1
        $aBIOSInfo[0][0] = UBound($aBIOSInfo) - 1
        If $aBIOSInfo[0][0] < 1 Then
            SetError(1, 1, 0)
        SetError(1, 2, 0)
EndFunc ;_ComputerGetBIOS
Edited by Jochem

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