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MouseClick background

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I'm sorry.because i am posting second same topic twice.

I'ud like to Click a coord at background.I used to _FF.au3 but i can't.It isn't work with my firefox.

#Include <ImageSearch.au3>
#Include <FF.au3>

Local $x1=0
Local $y1=0
Local $sMode=_ImageSearchArea("suclar.bmp",0,0,0,@DesktopWidth,@DesktopHeight,$x1,$y1,0)
Local $vSearch=""

$suclar = _ImageSearchArea("suclar.bmp",0,0,0,@DesktopWidth,@DesktopHeight,$x1,$y1,0)

$Sucuisle = _ImageSearchArea("Sucuisle.bmp",0,0,0,@DesktopWidth,@DesktopHeight,$x1,$y1,0)

$Araba = _ImageSearchArea("Araba.bmp",0,0,0,@DesktopWidth,@DesktopHeight,$x1,$y1,0)

$Arabacal = _ImageSearchArea("Arabacal.bmp",0,0,0,@DesktopWidth,@DesktopHeight,$x1,$y1,0)

;   _FFImageClick($vSearch,$sMode,True)
While 1
or can i work this at background?

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