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Select item from list and delete it from master list

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Hello, I am trying to write a script that will retrieve lines from a text file so that I may select one, and then remove that item from the text list. If there were originally 20 lines in the text file, there would then be only 19, and so forth. What I have so far is really clunky and does not remove the line. I am hoping there is something more elegant that this:

#include <Array.au3>

$foldernames = fileread("c:\foldernames.txt")
$array = StringSplit($foldernames, @lf)
$label = clipget()
$label = stringtrimleft($label, StringInStr($label, '|'))
$text = StringRegExpReplace($foldernames, $label,"")

Thank you for your help

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To read the file to an array you can use _FileReadToArray. Once the lines are in the array you can edit/delete as needed. Then you can write back to the file with _FileWriteFromArray.

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Try this

#Include <Array.au3>
#Include <File.au3>

Global $_Array

$_ItemToRemove = 'Item'
$_TxtFilePath = 'c:\foldernames.txt'
_FileReadToArray ( $_TxtFilePath, $_Array )
$_Array = _DeleteArrayElementWithStringInstr ( $_Array, $_ItemToRemove )
_FileWriteFromArray ( $_TxtFilePath, $_Array, 1 )
ShellExecute ( $_TxtFilePath )

Func _DeleteArrayElementWithStringInstr ( $_Array, $_String )
    Local $_Item
    For $_Element In $_Array
        If StringInStr ( $_Element, $_String ) <> 0 Then
            _ArrayDelete ( $_Array, $_Item )
    Return ( $_Array )
EndFunc ;==> _DeleteArrayElementWithStringInstr ( )

AutoIt X86 - SciTE 3.6.0WIN 8.1 X64 - Other Example Scripts

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