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Emulate H-Shifter

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Im a big fan of racing games and right now Im playing Test Drive Unlimited 2. My wheel is a MOMO Force (red one) with manual, sequential shifting.

I recently found out, that by using a h-shifter, you can eliminate the delay between up-shifts, which makes certain cars noticeably faster! TDU2 also has nice bug, that can demonstrate that behavior: If you switch to h-shifter, save, and go back to sequential, the shift delays are gone, shifting is instant in all cars! Sadly its gone if you start a new session.

Then I thought it should be possible to make a script, that emulates the h-shifter, by using my normal paddles. I already took a look at the h-shifter-key-emulation but it didn't work at all. Don't know if I just misunderstood something, or didn't configure it the right way. Now I'm here, because I'm a total script-noob and would appreciate your help.

Input: Button A (left paddle), Button B (right paddle), Button C (reset to neutral), maybe Button D to activate/deactivate the script

Output: a cycle from -1 (reverse), 0 (neutral) and 1 to 4/5/6/7 (depending on car)

Each gear has its own button and it has to stay pressed to work. So I need a script, that increases or decreases the selected gear depending on which paddle I press. In addition to that I need a reset-button to go to 0 (neutral), cause the script doesn't know which gear is selected in-game.

Script starts -> press and don't release button 0 (neutral)

I press Button A in-game -> script selects button -1 (reverse)

I press Button B in-game two times -> script selects button 1 (first gear)

I press Button C (reset) -> script goes to button 0, regardless of selected gear

and so on

So, how do I do that?

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hi Rincewind79,

Welcome to the forums :>

Discussions of this sort (game bots/automation) are prohibited on this forum. Perhaps you ought to take a few minutes to read the forum rules.

Looking forward to helping you in the future :unsure:



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Thanks for the info, didn't know that (my fault!). But is it really cheating/automation if I want to emulate hardware? That script wouldn't give me any advantage over the other players, or within the game. It just puts me on a level with people, who can afford a Logitech G25 or similar.

I also understand, that it would be difficult to draw the line, so anything, that has to do with scripts and games is prohibited.

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Why don't you try to build your own shifter? http://members.chello.nl/~a.hitman/shifter.htm

*GERMAN* [note: you are not allowed to remove author / modified info from my UDFs]My UDFs:[_SetImageBinaryToCtrl] [_TaskDialog] [AutoItObject] [Animated GIF (GDI+)] [ClipPut for Image] [FreeImage] [GDI32 UDFs] [GDIPlus Progressbar] [Hotkey-Selector] [Multiline Inputbox] [MySQL without ODBC] [RichEdit UDFs] [SpeechAPI Example] [WinHTTP]UDFs included in AutoIt: FTP_Ex (as FTPEx), _WinAPI_SetLayeredWindowAttributes

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