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WordConstants UDF

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Here I publish my WordConstants UDF. I hope it shall be usefull.

An example that uses Word constants from my UDF:

It inserts some blank pages.

$oWord  = _WordCreate(@ScriptDir &"\Guide.doc", 0, 1)
$oDoc    = _WordDocGetCollection($oWord, 0)
$NumPages = _WordDocPropertyGet($oDoc, "pages")
    $i = $i - 1
    $oWord.Selection.GoTo($wdGotoPage, $wdGotoNext, 1)
Until $i = 1
    $oWord.Selection.EndKey($wdStory, $wdMove) ;updated script insert a new page at the end of the document
_WordDocSave ($oDoc)
_WordQuit ($oWordApp)

UDF File:


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