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TCPRecv general problem

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Hello everyone,

about 2 months ago i read something about AutoIt, since i didnt heard about it yet, i went to check it out and since than im hooked to this amazing scripting/programming language. Ive been experimenting around with it a lot, but today i got stuck on something probably very silly but i cant seem to sort it out. I'll trie to explain :

Im trying to automate a login sequence for a website. It consists of sending a POST request with username and password, the server will reply with a basic html page, with a cookie thats being set for the session. I wrote a global function in my script which fills up a string $sRecv with the received data using a do / until loop. This works fine.

        $sRecv &= TCPRecv( $iSocket, 4096 )                                                                         
    Until StringInstr( $sRecv, "</html>" )

The easiest way i thought to leave the loop is when the string "</html>" is received, stating that the received page is at the end and the script can continue. Again this works fine. Next i extract the needed data from $sRecv and use this to create a GET request packet and send it to the server. The server reply's again, but this time without an attached <html> page. Clearly the Do / Until loop is waiting for it, and keeps on looping because the only thing the server sends back is a header without anything else. So i need to add another condition as to when the Do/Until loop can exit and thats where i'm stuck.

an example :

        $sRecv &= TCPRecv( $iSocket, 4096 )                                                                         
    Until StringInStr( $sRecv, "</html>" ) Or StringInStr( $sRecv, ??????? )

How can i make the loop exit when its being called the second time so the script can continue ? I tried adding "Or StringInStr( $sRecv, @CRLF & @CRLF ) but this is so common, that the first packet which returns the </html> code never gets received untill the end, because the @CRLF & @CRLF code is found in there a lot of times aswell. Im wondering if i could do some sort of timer 'event' so the do/until loop will exit when there's no data being received anymore for lets say a second. Anyone has another idea on how i can manage this ?

I hope you guys understood, since im not a native english speaker.

kind regards,


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Umm, if i understood u correctly ur script could look something like this...

$WT = 1
While $WT = 1 ;loop this untill $WT is 1
    $sRecv &= TCPRecv( $iSocket, 4096 ) ;recive data                                                                       
    If $sRecv <> "" Then ;check if we got any data
        If StringInstr( $sRecv, "</html>" ) Then
            ;what u wanna do (this will be when u get a pachage back after the logindata)
            $WT = 0 ;ending the loop!!!
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