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Check Shared Printer Status

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Hi all,

I'd like to create a script that checks to see if a shared printer is available.

For example, in a computer class room, as each student turns on their computer, the script will run from startup folder and give the student a breif message about the printers status, if its turned ect.

any suggestions welcome.

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May be you'll be more lucky than me, this vbscript adaptation return always "idle" status, shared printer connected or not ! Posted Image

$_strComputer = @ComputerName ; "."
$_objWMIService = ObjGet ( "winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & $_strComputer & "\root\cimv2" )
$_colInstalledPrinters =  $_objWMIService.ExecQuery ( "Select * from Win32_Printer" )
For $_objPrinter in $_colInstalledPrinters
    ConsoleWrite ( "+->-- Name : " & $_objPrinter.Name & @Crlf )
    ConsoleWrite ( "+->-- Location : " & $_objPrinter.Location & @Crlf )
    Switch  $_objPrinter.PrinterStatus
        Case 1
            $_strPrinterStatus = "Other"
        Case 2
            $_strPrinterStatus = "Unknown"
        Case 3
            $_strPrinterStatus = "Idle"
        Case 4
            $_strPrinterStatus = "Printing"
        Case 5
            $_strPrinterStatus = "Warmup"
    ConsoleWrite ( "-->-- Printer Status : " & $_strPrinterStatus & @Crlf )
    ConsoleWrite ( "-->-- Server Name : " & $_objPrinter.ServerName & @Crlf )
    ConsoleWrite ( "-->-- Share Name : " & $_objPrinter.ShareName & @Crlf )

AutoIt X86 - SciTE 3.6.0WIN 8.1 X64 - Other Example Scripts

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