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Fileversion and _GUICtrlListView_SetImageList

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Hi. I have 2 questions:

1. Can #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion be set dynamically ? Something like #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion = $value.

2. I heve this piece of code

Local $hImgList = _GUIImageList_Create()

    _GUIImageList_AddBitmap($hImgList, "$res$\BMPs\prog.bmp")
    _GUIImageList_AddBitmap($hImgList, "$res$\BMPs\error.bmp")
    _GUIImageList_AddBitmap($hImgList, "$res$\BMPs\newer.bmp")
    _GUIImageList_AddBitmap($hImgList, "$res$\BMPs\older.bmp")
    _GUIImageList_AddBitmap($hImgList, "$res$\BMPs\ok.bmp")
    _GUICtrlListView_SetImageList($hListView, $hImgList, 1)

and I added this


How can i use the resources above into _GUIImageList_AddBitmap() ?

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