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Hi Folks,

has anyone tried to get the SID of a SAP GUI Window? I'd like to have a list of running SAP Windows and open them over a list. I've come so far to getting the window handles of all SAP GUIs, but unnfortunately the SID is not in the Window title, and I have no clue where to get it from.

$a_FList = WinList()
Dim $a_List[$a_FList[0][0] + 1][2]
$a_List[0][0] = 0
For $i = 1 To $a_FList[0][0]
    If StringInStr($a_FList[$i][0], "SAP") Then
        If IsVisible($a_FList[$i][1]) Then
            If _WinAPI_GetClassName($a_FList[$i][1]) = "SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION" Then
                $a_List[0][0] += 1
                $a_List[$a_List[0][0]][0] = $a_FList[$i][0]
                $a_List[$a_List[0][0]][1] = $a_FList[$i][1]

Another possibility would be to get the list from the context menu of SAP Logon Pad, but then again how to get to the window handle?

I'm not really experienced when it comes to windows automation, so it would be great to get some advice / help with this.


Regards,Hannes[spoiler]If you can't convince them, confuse them![/spoiler]

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