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StringLen Acting Wierd

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$Len = StringLen($Result)
    If $Len < 8 Then
        $digits = 8 - $Len
        For $i = 1 To $digits
            $aSpace[0] = Chr(Random(97, 122, 1)) ;a-z
            $aSpace[1] = Chr(Random(48, 57, 1)) ;0-9
            $aSpace[2] = Chr(Random(65, 90, 1)) ;A-Z
            $Adder &= $aSpace[Random(0, 3)]
        $Result = $Result & $Adder
    Return $Result
EndFunc   ;==>_Password

I suspected that my StringLen wasn't working as it should so I debugged it with a Msgbox. The strange thing is:

1. The msgbox pops up two times. Once with $Len as 0, the second time with $Len as the real stringlength of $Result.

What causes this "loop"? Why is $Len 0 the first time?

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Odd function start code you got there.

$Len = StringLen($Result)
EndFunc   ;==>_Password

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Maybe length was really equal to 0 at that point, and its likely you have another MsgBox(), hard to help with so little code.

More code=More help :)

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