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Automate Qt and QWidgets

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With this topic

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You an find with the simple spy all the objects (same result as with ranorex spy) and highlight them

However same as for Ranorex spy I cannot reveal any usefull text or other property to usefull check.

With the link given you can identify the object by its index

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I played a little with QT and QWidgets by installing the IDE QT Creator

  • When I use sample calqlatr and compile that its initially not accessible


  • only when I add code like
//! [button]
    Accessible.name: text
    Accessible.description: "This button does " + text
    Accessible.role: Accessible.Button
    function accessiblePressAction() {
    //! [button]

To a button.qml file those buttons become accessible and recognizable by spy tools

  • So unfortunately it seems that developers that use QT but are not adding 
    accessible.  ......   to their controls
    the QT application will not expose much by default
  • a QT Developer should read more on this 

So whenever you encounter an application like that send the developer above link to reconsider just add minimally one line

Accessible.name : text // or hardcoded string "myname" when there is no variable text available
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Thank you Junkew!

I'm wondering, do you have any new experiences with automating QT?

I am trying the same thing, and with accessibility enabled (i have confirmed that qtaccessiblewidgets.dll is linked) i can see using Ranorex Spy that field such as "Role", "Name" and "Class" are updated. (fields in the "Element" window)

Caption/text or Control Id (field in the "Control" window) however are not updated. Clicking a button using the "Element" field should work, but I'm worried about reading out a certain text value from a Qlabel as the "Value" field is not updated.

Do you (or anyone else) have any experience with reading out values (instead of just clicking buttons)?



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What is the simple spy of the iuiautomation thread giving. It reads allmost all properties that are readable. Could be that your needed value is in another property.

I have never worked further with QTWidgets besides above finding out how it works and as it seems only accessible when developer takes accessibility into consideration.

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  • Developers


I have removed the attachment because:

  • prashannaa hasn't been on our forums for 4 years!
  • We don't want to trust any binary/executable posted by somebody that just joined. Nothing personal, just common sense. ;) 


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