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Hy, I have a litle prob. with my code. I try to transform a normal PDF into 2UP booklet format but ... somewhere I seem to miss something.

Please help me.

The original code:

N-Up pages, 2-Up Booklet -Rowan-

private void btnBooklet_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
QuickPDFAX0716.PDFLibrary QP = new QuickPDFAX0716.PDFLibrary();
int result = QP.UnlockKey("...Insert_License_Key_Here...");

if (result == 1)
// First, load the original document that you wish to use for this imposition test:
QP.LoadFromFile(@"C:\Program Files\Quick PDF Library\Quick PDF Library 7.16 Reference Guide.pdf");

// Then we get the number of pages in the original document:
int originalPageCount = QP.PageCount();

// Store the width and height of the pages from the original document:
double w = QP.PageWidth();
double h = QP.PageHeight();

// Use the CapturePage function to capture every page in the original document.
// Each captured page will be given a unique ID which can be used with the
// DrawCapturedPage function. Temporarily store these ID's in an array:
int[] capture = new int[originalPageCount];
int indexArray = 0;

for (int pageTest = 1; pageTest <= originalPageCount; pageTest++) 
capture[indexArray] = QP.CapturePage(1);

if (QP.PageCount() == 1)
// After a page has been captured it's removed from the document in memory,
// but we can't have a document with no pages, so a temporary page must be
// created until the imposed pages have been added to the document.

int requiredPages = 0;

// Now calculate the required number of pages for the 2-up booklet:
if (originalPageCount == 1)
requiredPages = 1;
requiredPages = originalPageCount / 2;

// Add the required number of pages to the end of the document, using the NewPages function:

int captureIndex = 0;

// Now loop through each new page in the document and draw the captured pages. Two captured
// pages will be drawn on each new page. The first captured page is drawn on the left, the
// second on the right, and then it moves on to the next new page and repeats the process:
for (int page = 1; page <= requiredPages + 1; page++)
QP.SetPageDimensions(w * 2, h);

for (int i = 0; i <= 0; i++)
if (i <= 1)
// Draw left
if (captureIndex != capture.Length)
QP.DrawCapturedPage(capture[captureIndex], 0, h, w, h);
QP.DrawText(100, 25, "Page: " + captureIndex);
// Draw right
if (captureIndex != capture.Length)
QP.DrawCapturedPage(capture[captureIndex], 560, h, w, h);
QP.DrawText(w, 25, "Page: " + captureIndex);
// Delete the extra page that was created when the original pages were captured
QP.DeletePages(QP.PageCount(), 1);

// Save the new 2-up booklet
MessageBox.Show("Sorry, but the license key you provided could not be validated.");
AutoIt Code:


$QP = ObjCreate("QuickPDFAX0725.PDFLibrary")

Global $MyPDF, $MyPDFnUP

$MyPDF    = "something.pdf"
$MyPDFnUP = "something_nup.pdf"


    If $QP.UnlockKey("...Insert_License_Key_Here...") = 1 Then
       $PgCount =  $QP.PageCount()

    Dim $CaptureArray[$PgCount]

        $w = $QP.PageWidth()
        $h = $QP.PageHeight()

        For $n = 0 To $PgCount - 1 Step 1
            $CaptureArray[$n] = $QP.CapturePage(1)

                If $QP.PageCount() = 1 Then $QP.NewPage()

        $RequiredPages = 0

        If $PgCount = 1 Then
            $RequiredPages = 1
            $RequiredPages = $PgCount/2

        $CaptureIndex = 0

        For $m = 1 To $RequiredPages Step 1
            $QP.SetPageDimensions($w * 2, $h)

            For $i = 0 To 0 Step 1
                If $i <= 1 Then
                    If $CaptureIndex <> UBound($CaptureArray) Then
                        $QP.DrawCapturedPage($CaptureArray[$CaptureIndex], 0, $h, $w, $h)
;                       $QP.DrawCapturedPage($CaptureArray[$CaptureIndex], [s]2500[/s], $h, $w, $h)
;$QP.DrawCapturedPage($CaptureArray[$CaptureIndex], 500, $h, $w, $h)
                        $CaptureIndex = $CaptureIndex + 1

                    If $CaptureIndex <> UBound($CaptureArray) Then
;                       $QP.DrawCapturedPage($CaptureArray[$CaptureIndex], 0, $h, $w, $h)
                        ;$QP.DrawCapturedPage($CaptureArray[$CaptureIndex], [s]2500[/s], $h, $w, $h)
$QP.DrawCapturedPage($CaptureArray[$CaptureIndex], 500, $h, $w, $h)
                        $CaptureIndex = $CaptureIndex + 1

        $QP.DeletePages($QP.PageCount(), 1)

                $PgCount =  $QP.PageCount()
                $QP.ExtractPages(1, $PgCount - 1)
                $QP.SaveToFile("New_" &$MyPDFnUP)

EndFunc ;==>  _PDFnUP
The error is that it doesn´t write two pages up but one page up.


Sorry. I should´ve looked better. :)

Tired ;)

Edited by Melba23
Removed valid licence key
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