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Error to coding the a password to Lineage II

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I try make a little software to administrate some functions in my private server's Lineage II, and I have a dificulty with store password.

The original algorithm to code password is this (in PHP, to make/edit an account)

//echo $pass;

// public function l2j_encrypt ($pass) {return base64_encode(pack("H*", sha1(utf8_encode($pass))));}

//echo l2j_encrypt($pass);

In PHP I split function by function...

The PHP script show step by step what I do make...

Based in this, I write in AutoIt the script...

The script in PHP return '2OKaPbDjdTmPFZYIX7p5uHk48Ia=' for my password 'Curitiba'...

But, the script in AutoIt return '2OKaPbDjdTmPFZYIX7p5uHk48IY=' for the same password.

Only the penultimate characters's password is diferent... 8(

Only a character diferent...

I read this script many times and now, I don't have idea what is wrong...

Maybe I can´t see the error, someone can help-me to see that?

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Private server usage isnt legal for that specific game, + probably braking the rules for discusing about games, pls read Forum Rules for more info about games, as for illegal server, try not to post your or someone else illegal work on this forum.

thread reported.

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When are people going to learn that any forum you join will have rules. You MUST locate, read and follow those rules before making an idiotic post that violates them.


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