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[Guide] - Reading memory with autoit

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This is a guide that will show how, to read memory with autoit.

First Example is using static memory adress only. For it to work you will need to know the memory adress & the process name.

Second sample is using pointers & offset. For it to work you will need to know the memory adress of the pointer value, offset & the process name.

If you already know how to find memory adress, pointer & offset, skip the guide, script examples are below.

Guide is using Cheat engine & its tutorial nr6 as an example.


Example 1 Read value from memory with memory adress.au3


Example 2 Read value from memory with pointer & offset.au3

Edited by Valik

My Projects:[list][*]Guide - ytube step by step tut for reading memory with autoitscript + samples[*]WinHide - tool to show hide windows, Skinned With GDI+[*]Virtualdub batch job list maker - Batch Process all files with same settings[*]Exp calc - Exp calculator for online games[*]Automated Microsoft SQL Server 2000 installer[*]Image sorter helper for IrfanView - 1 click opens img & move ur mouse to close opened img[/list]

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