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AutoIt + typeperf

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Hello all.

Im trying to create a script that runs on the logon script of the network computers and logs some computer performance data.

Im using windows XP typeperf command.

The script creates a folder with the computer name in a network share, and then creates the log file there. also with the computer name and a serial number.

Heres the code:

$num = 0
$name = @ComputerName & "_perfmon_" & $num & ".csv"
$path = "\\\VOLXX\Usuarios\Publico\PerfLogs\" & @ComputerName

Local $pid = RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c md ' & $path, "",@SW_HIDE)
$pathfull = $path & "\" & $name

$var = FileExists($pathfull)

While $var = 1
    $num += 1
    $name = @ComputerName & "_perfmon_" & $num & ".csv"
    $pathfull = $path & "\" & $name
    $var = FileExists($pathfull)

Local $pid = RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c typeperf "\DiscoFísico(_Total)\E/S divididas por seg." "\Interfaz de red(*)\Total de bytes/s." "\Memoria\MBytes disponibles" "\Procesador(_Total)\% de tiempo de procesador" -si 10 -o "' & $pathfull & '"', "",@SW_HIDE)

It works great in my computer, problem is, ONLY in my computer.

In ALL other PCs it creates the folder and even create the .csv log file, with the proper header of the typeperf command, but after that NO data is logged. (it should write a line every 10 seconds.)

So im ruling out permission problems, cause it can create the file and even write in it. It has to be something with the typeperf command, dunno what.

any ideas??


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