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Help with IE Javascript Link

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I am new to AutoIt, but as a web developer, I have a decent background for this.

We're working on a little application to simplify data transfer from one system into another. The receiving platform is owned by a major multinational and based on SAP's Webdyn Pro. There are no APIs and they don't want any development costs. That's why we're trying to essentially fill a web form through AutoIt.

The way the site is constructed is major pain in the neck. I've managed to choose language, log in and navigate quite deep toward the actual form that we need to fill in (but not send, the clients might want to change certain things before submitting). But now I'm stuck at one point.

I need to access the following link:

<a class="urLnkFunction" id="aaab.InventoryUnsoldView.lnkValidateVIN" ct="LN" st="" onkeydown="return me.h_m(event,window,'sapUrMapi_Link_activate(\'aaab.InventoryUnsoldView.lnkValidateVIN\',SSR.event)');" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="return me.h_e(event,window,this,'Link','LINKCLICK',{'event':'event','ControlId':'aaab.InventoryUnsoldView.lnkValidateVIN'},'',true);" style="white-space:nowrap;" he=""><span class="urLnkTxtStd">RSWR nach VIN eingeben oder aktualisieren</span></a>

As you can see, the target page is created through scripts, so I can't use _IENavigate(). My approach would be to use _IELinkClickByText(), but the site is constructed with half a dozen of iFrames and that's where I'm stuck. Using Opera's DevTool, I thought I figured out in which frame the Link is located, but when I then use _IELinkGetCollection(), no links are returned. I would like to 'dump' the results of of _IEFrameGetCollection() to find my way through the mess, but I can't seem to find any property for _IEPropertyGet() that will display me the names (or Ids) of the frames in the collection. So my first two specific questions would be:

1. How do I 'dump' (say in the debug area) either the full contents or at least the assoctiated names of a FrameCollection

2. How do I 'dump' (say in the debug area) either the full contents or at least the names of a LinkCollection

Then, are there any other approaches that might work to access the link above. Through Javascript, maybe?

Thanks so much for any help and tips. It's much appreciated.


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Thanks, Juvigy. This helped with the debugging. I'm still stuck with the issue though. I'll post a new topic about it, because it's a different way of looking at the problem.

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