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Preventing redraw during activity

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I'm trying to automate adding a folder as a toolbar in Windows 7. That's easy and works well. The problem is the "folder chooser" dialog box is a bit ugly and its automation is crude to watch. I'd like to conceal that, maybe by suppressing redraw for that process or window or something while it's active.

I also have the dialog class as "[CLASS:MSTaskListWClass; TEXT:Running applications]" but not sure whether that's useful somehow.

Any help with this would be great. It's part of an enhancement for some code on MSFN so I'd like to do it nicely. Any other improvements welcomed.

Opt("WinDetectHiddenText", 0)


; Add new toolbar

MouseClick("right", 0, @DesktopHeight)

$e = WinActive("New Toolbar - Choose a folder")
If $e == 0 Then
    Msgbox(17,"Error","Expected dialog didn't open")
ControlSetText("New Toolbar - Choose a folder", "", "Edit1", "C:\My Toolbar")
ControlClick("New Toolbar - Choose a folder", "", "Button1")

; Continue with other stuff ...

Func CleanExit()
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