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Terminal Emulation using StdOut


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I've read lots of topics on this and I'm not having any luck sorting out my issue, the code I've used (posted below) is a sample from one of the posts in this forum, which is kind of working for me.

I'm trying to write a script to behave like a VT100. In the past I've done what I need to do via an application, such as TTWin, or Teraterm, what I want to do is use is 'console telnet' (http://consoletelnet.sourceforge.net/) and STDIN/OUT, however, I am encountering some issues with the responses from the server.

I have a feeling the problem has something to do with the configuration, but where I am confused, is that when I "Manually" connect just by running the 'console telnet' software, everything shows up and looks perfect (formatting is there, the text is actually there). Here is what happens when I try to use autoit:



#6[1mUnauthorized Access Prohibited[m

Username: REMOVED


Last interactive login on Friday, 5-AUG-2011 13:45


%SET-W-NOTSET, error modifying TNA7221:

-SET-I-UNKTERM, unknown terminal type


%SET-W-NOTSET, error modifying TNA7221:

-SET-I-UNKTERM, unknown terminal type

Terminal type is not TDMS compatible, continuing without TDMS support

No layout in the DECforms form for menu fits this terminal type, language, and d

isplay size



Here is what should show after that screen:


Information System Main Menu

1 TRAC M Tracking System

2 CIS M Information System

3 CUST_INQ T Customer Inquiry

4 ACCT_RECV M Accounts Receivable System

5 NMS M Management System

6 IMS M Inventory System

7 UTILITIES M Utilities System



EnvSet("TELNET_REDIR", "1")

Dim $PID = Run("C:\Documents and Settings\asdasdasdasd\Desktop\AutoIT\scripts\run while locked\ConsoleTelnet\telnet.exe", @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDIN_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD)
Dim $Triggers[50]
Dim $Actions[50]

AdlibRegister("CheckTriggers", 500)

_Connect($PID, "asdasd-ol1", 23, 3000)
_Login($PID, "asdsad", "asdasdad", 500) ; Logs in.

$Triggers[0] = 1 ; Number of Triggers
$Triggers[1] = "C:\Documents and Settings\" 

$Actions[0] = 0
$Actions[1] = "dir" ; This happens if $Trigger[1] is detected.

While 1

Func CheckTriggers()
    local $Line
    $Line = StdoutRead($PID)
    For $N = 1 To $Triggers[0]
        If StringInStr($Line, $Triggers[$N]) Then
            StdinWrite($PID, $Actions[$N] & @CRLF)

Func _Connect($STD_Handle, $Server, $Port, $Sleep)
    StdinWrite($STD_Handle, "open " & $Server & " " & $Port & @CRLF)
    While 1
        $Line = StdoutRead($STD_Handle)
        If StringInStr($Line, "Connected to") Then
            Return 1
        If StringInStr($Line, "Error") Then
            Return 0

Func _LogIn($STD_Handle, $Username, $Password, $Sleep)
    StdinWrite($STD_Handle, $Username & @CRLF)
    StdinWrite($STD_Handle, $Password & @CRLF)

Func Close()
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Never mind, I resolved this myself.

Even though the text shows up garbled and misformated it seems to work, I waited a few seconds and told the server that I was a VT100 with the following command:

StdinWrite($STD_Handle, chr(27) & "[?1;0c" & @CRLF)

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When using your script, you get a message login failed, but if you enter it manually in telnet.exe, that's all right. In what may be the problem?


put a little more delay, everything works.

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