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pixel search help

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func start()
   $left = False
   $right = False
     PixelSearch (442,373,449,398,2737969,10) 
      if true then = $left 
    PixelSearch (1230,373,1238,398,2737969,10) 
    if true then = $right
    if $left Then
     PixelSearch( 814, 339, 821, 354, 13863956, 10 )
    Until  Not @error
    if $right then  pixelsearch ( 859, 339, 866, 354, 13863956, 10)
  Until Not @error

        $Stopped = false
        Send("{Right Down}")

is the code i have what its intended function is to search for 2 locations of a color if a certain one is found to run the corresponding secondary pixel search and continue with the function

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First of all, "What is this, I don't even..." Your code doesn't even LOOK like AutoIt code.

Your syntax and Engineer's syntax look awfully similar. Regardless, I've answered this question before with a custom function. See this post here:

Third ...

What are you trying to automate?

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