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How do I wait for greyed out button to become Active

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I am new to AutoIt, I want to automate small UI wizard, I have been able to record all the action except the last stage where "Close" button is greyed out, untill the application finishes performing some tasks.

I tried using ControlCommand but somehow it did not work for me, may be I am not using it correctly.

I am copying my script here and also attaching snapshot of last page.

Can anyone help please?




_WinWaitActivate("New Project","Specify whether to c")



_WinWaitActivate("New Project","Please specify a pro")


_WinWaitActivate("New Project","Select a project sou")


_WinWaitActivate("New Project","Add project files or")



_WinWaitActivate("New Project","Please wait while th")

While Not ControlCommand('Activation', '', 'Close', 'IsEnabled', '')




#region --- Internal functions Au3Recorder Start ---

Func _WinWaitActivate($title,$text,$timeout=0)


If Not WinActive($title,$text) Then WinActivate($title,$text)



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You want the General Help & Support part of the forum. This part of the forum is for finished examples only.

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Yes, this is in the wrong category, and a mod will move this whole thread soon. I use code like this to 'press' a button, then wait until the process is done.

ControlCommand("Forum Spam List Checker", "", "Button1", "Check")               ; Query/Search button
Do                                                                          ;
    Sleep(10)                                                               ;
Until ControlCommand("Forum Spam List Checker", "", "Button1", "IsEnabled")  ;Wait until Search/Query is done

While this is very similar to the way you are attempting to do the same thing, I think your failure is that the window title is probably 'New Project', not 'Activation'. Also, use the Info tool to get the ID of that close button. A function like ControlGetText can be used to get the actual text on a control, but using the ID will be better in this case I believe. Good luck with your project, and remember, the Help file will soon become your best friend!

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