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HotKeySet or _IsPressed for sequence for purposes of replacement

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What I want to do is detect a stream of letters and replace with a different string of letters.

Something like this, but this detects the f and starts going, also pulling the f from the sent key and continually repeating forever:

#include <Process.au3>
HotKeySet("forumsX", "LinkForums") ;listens for forumsX to be typed
While 1 ;loop indefinitely
Sleep(100) ;keeps from maxing out processor
Func LinkForums()
Dim $pid
If WinExists("Gmail", "") Then ;check if a window relating to Gmail is open
$pid = WinGetProcess("Gmail", "") ;check that window is actually open in a browser (therefore negating notepad, wordpad, etc)
If _ProcessGetName($pid) = "firefox.exe" Then ;verify browser is firefox
Send("<a href='www.myforums.com'>My Forums</a>") ;replacement text goes here

Is the only way to do this to have a sequence of _IsPressed() functions in a large set of nested If statements? or is there a cleaner way using Hotkey set or IsPressed, or even something else?

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Have a look at the example in AutoIt help file -> User Defined Functions Reference -> WinAPI Management ->


That should give you all the help you'll need to accomplish what your after.


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Maybe this

Follow the Link --------

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