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Need help with clicking a button from a Java script.


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Hello everyone,

Having an issue with getting AutoIT clicking a button on a page.

The page is HTML with a bar at the bottom which is created by a JAVA code.

The Java code looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var hotKeys = new Corp.Event.hotKeyManager();
    hotKeys.add(KEY_V, false, function() {$('save').down('button').click();});
    hotKeys.add(KEY_R, false, function() {$('reset').up('form').reset();});  
    hotKeys.add(KEY_D, false, function() {$('delete').down('button').click();});
    hotKeys.add(KEY_K, false, function() {$('reactivate').down('button').click();});
    hotKeys.add(KEY_H, false, function() {$('repeatSearch').down('button').click();});

The button I am wanting to click is:

hotKeys.add(KEY_K, false, function() {$('reactivate').down('button').click();});

Optionally I can do a shortcut key combo (ctrl+alt+k) but I'm having little issue getting that correct as well.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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