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* wildcards

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What i want is to close all process with "name+any numbers.exe" like name1.exe, name2.exe.

$check = ProcessExists("name*.exe")

but not working any other way to do that?

Sry for my bad english.

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This may help you.

Local $sString = "name"

Local $list = ProcessList()
For $i = 1 To $list[0][0]
    If StringRegExp($list[$i][0], "^note.*$") Then ProcessClose($list[$i][0])
    ;If StringRegExp($list[$i][0], "^" & $sString & "\d+\.exe$") Then ProcessClose($list[$i][0])

; Note - ".*" in RE pattern, "." matches any character, and "*" causes the previous
;       character to be matched if repeated zero or many times.
;       "^" means beginning of string.
;       "$" means end of string. So using both "^" an "$" causes the entire string
;       to be compared, and not a matching sub-string.
;       StringRegExp() default parameter flag is zero which causes the return value
;       to be 1 or 0 only.
;       Regular expression are like an advanced evolved version of wildcards.
; To match "name+any numbers.exe" like name1.exe, name2.exe, try the RE pattern
; "^" & $sString & "\d+\.exe$", where $sString contains "name"

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