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3 IE screens on 3 diverent monitors

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Hello all,

We have here a computer we use to monitor the network. We are using 3 IE screens for this, running full screen (not maximized) on 3 separate monitors. Now i tried to script this, so we have less work each morning starting the screens.

; Move Dashboard to left screen
$strWindow = "name ie screen - Windows Internet Explorer"
$strText = ""
$DebugInfo = "Wait for '" & $strWindow & "' to become active"
WinWait($strWindow, $strText)
If Not WinActive($strWindow, $strText) Then WinActivate($strWindow, $strText)
WinWaitActive($strWindow, $strText)
WinMove($strWindow, $strText,-3000, 0)

The problem is whit the F11. I could run maximized command "WinSetState($strWindow, $strTex, @SW_MAXIMIZE)", but than also the F11 wont work. Also strange behavior of Windows is that when the screen is moved to another monitor and i press F11 it will go full screen on the main monitor. And when the screen is Full screen direct after booting nothing will help.

So is there a possibility to set the 3 IE screens to full screen on each monitor?

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